Angular Routing - A Cautionary Tale


The Issue

I'm unable to edit my text fields in Safari!

The Solution

I scrapped the parent-child model in the ui-router for my login and registration forms.

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A Simple Color Sensor


A Simple Color Sensor

What's Happening:

Here's a relatively simple color sensor using a photo resistor and a RGB LED. This LED cycles through each color with the magic of PWM. When an object is held up to the LED, the light bounces off the object and is picked up by the photo resistor. Then the value is then converted into a Hex color code and viola! We have a color sensor that is fairly accurate...

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Capistrano 3 + Puma + Apache: A Love Hate Story


The situation

So I found myself in a situation where I needed to deploy a Rails 4 app in a mixed environment with a prerequisite of using Apache. I've set up deployments with capistrano before, but only the version 2.x syntax. This time, I wanted to step up to version 3. No big deal, right?

This turned out to be a perfect combination for banging my head against the wall.

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Schemas with subschemas in mongoose


While working on one of my many side projects in node.js I came across a problem I felt was common enough to warrant a blog post. I wanted a schema property to reference another schema. Lets looks at some code

Example without subschemas

/* staff.js */
        mongoose = require('mongoose')
        , Schema = mongoose.Schema
    var staffSchema = new Schema({
        name:  String,
        job: String,
        comments: String, 
    module.exports = mongoose.model('staff', staffSchema);

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How is SEO like Dieting?


SEO & Dieting

No, I am not going to suggest you put your website on a diet to get better search rankings although I am certain some sites could benefit from judicious pruning.

What do I mean then??

What both industries have in common is people wanting to pay for a silver bullet or magic pill if you will. It's not happening for most of us.

There is a simple FREE answer to losing weight.

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