"And this was clearly your Rockstar Project. Kudos! And a super big thanks guys (flawless execution)..."
"YES! OMG, the response has been resoundingly positive."
"I also wanted to thank the team at Crisp Code, who’ve been amazing programmers, bringing Vaughn’s designs to life and totally saving the day when we realized our old server wasn’t going to cut it for the new site. They’ve done an incredible job."
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Project: Website Redesign and Development


Lisa hs
Role: Project Manager/Frameworker
Small team many hats. Mission Measurement wanted a fresh site that allowed staff to make updates. In addition to general project management tasks, Lisa worked on setting up and integrating the CMS framework, ie., the data model, template tags, permissions scheme with the design implementation a...


Mission Measurement, a Chicago based strategy-consulting firm, described their site as dated, not clearly explaining their services on the front-end, and a spaghetti mess on the back-end. They were ready to tackle the hard stuff, a new site, with new focus and updated branding. With a designer already selected they needed sharp coders to build it.


Careful evaluation of Mission Measurement’s needs led us to implement the site with the ExpressionEngine CMS, as it granted them the prime balance between ease of maintenance, integration, and future expansion capabilities. As a distributed office organization, Mission Measurement needed to unify their associate’s voices’ into a central blog. Staffed with busy consultants with little time to mess with tech stuff, we developed an automated blogging system so associates could quickly post entries, without the worry of breaking any code or getting lost in the control panel. When blogs are posted, the site dynamically categorizes and updates the content across all pages relevant to the associate’s specialization.

Continued support

Since the new Mission Measurement site was launched August 2012, Crisp Code has been their go-to for continued support, hosting, backups, updates and training. With a major staff change in spring 2013, Crisp Code was on hand answering questions and leading webinars with the new site manager getting her up to speed quickly.